Darfur, Sudan

The residents of Western Darfur were ruthlessly driven from their lands, slaughtered and died at the hands of starvation and disease in a genocide that is still being carried out today. Around 300,000 have been killed and over 2 million displaced.

“This mother had just arrived at Abu Shouk with her sick baby. Under the best of circumstances, some predict that as many as 300,000 will die.” Abu Shouk camp is located in North Darfur.

“Children in the refugee camps are being encouraged to confront their psychological scars. Above, clay figures depict an attack by Janjaweed.” In Darfur, Sudan.

Janjaweed are omnipresent. They are seen in marketplaces and within walking distance of refugee camps. They have terrorized black Africans in Darfur for more than a year.

A protester at the Darfur rally.

Kebkabiya IDP (Internally displaced person) mother and 27 month old child: At a camp for IDPs in Kebkabiya, North Darfur, a mother holds her malnourished child.