A: LA2DC consists of 26 total legs. With the exception of the first and last legs, each leg will consist of approximately 110 miles.

A: There will be a total of four marathons each consisting of approximately 26.2 miles and one 34.4 mile ultra-marathon. Leg 1 out of Los Angeles which consists of approximately 113 miles, will include three back-to-back 26.2 mile marathons for a total of 78.6 miles, and an ultra-marathon of 34.4 miles. The last leg into Washington DC will also include one marathon of 26.2 miles. Although the course is subject to change, the runners will take the same course as the cyclists as depicted in the LA2DC race page map. The runners will cover the entirety of Leg 1 and the last 26.2 miles of Leg 26 into Washington D.C.

A: The first and last legs of LA2DC are open to all cyclists who can cycle the respective distances at a reasonable pace and can keep up with the large group. The first cycling leg consists of 26.2 miles taking riders from the the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles, through Glendale, Pasadena, and ending at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, CA. The last leg consists of approximately 49.1 miles starting in Brunswick, MD and ending in Washington D.C. The balance of the legs which will consist of approximately 110 mile segments will be open to cyclists who have trained and who have the ability to ride centurions (100 miles) in 6-7 hours. Upon registration, our Race Director will be in contact with you regarding your abilities and to further coordinate. Additional riders who have pre-registered and pre-arranged with the Race Director, may join the cyclists for shorter distances as the riders travel across the country.

A: Unfortunately, despite ongoing efforts, LA2DC was not able to secure
permits for a closed-course marathon on a weekday. Accordingly, it is
with deep regret that we inform all participants that short distance running
events will not be part of the LA2DC event. All short distance runners
are asked to unify and joint the March for Justice. Further information
regarding the March for Justice can be found at www.march4justice.org.
Pre-selected and designated runners who can complete a marathon in less
than four hours will run the four marathon segments and one ultra marathon
segment detailed in the FAQ above. For further information or if you are
interested in running one of the marathons, please contact the Race Director,
Sabra Nagel at sabra@la2dc.org..

A: LA2DC will commence on April 24, 2015 in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles and end on May 7, 2015 at the steps of the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. The cyclists will ride a total of 12 full days and two half days. The runners will run three marathons and one ultra-marathon in Los Angeles and one marathon in Washington D.C.

A: LA2DC is a relay format event consisting of 26 cycling legs and five running legs. Although dubbed the “race” for recognition, LA2DC is NOT a race. Although riders and runners must maintain a specific pace to ensure reasonably timely arrival at the finish locations, the race for recognition is not a speed contest against other riders or runners. The safety of the athletes and crew are our priority.

A: With the exception of the first and last legs which are open to all participants, the remaining 24 legs may be ridden by individual cyclists by registering for the leg you’d like to ride.
In addition, there are portions of the event consisting of anywhere between 2-6 legs which have been designated as “Team Segments”. If you would like to ride as a team, you may register your team of cyclists for one of the pre-designated Team Segments. Each Team Segment identifies the minimum number of riders or team members which must commit to the segment. Once registered and confirmed by the Race Director, your team will be responsible to complete that segment which may entail a two or three day event consisting of four to six legs.

A: Due to various Centennial Commemoration events taking place on the morning of April 24, 2015, we currently anticipate the first leg of LA2DC will begin on the afternoon of April 24 between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. PST. This first leg will consist of cyclists and predesignated runners in a mass start. Because of the late start, for the safety of all riders and so that riders are not cycling in the dark, cyclists will ride a 26.2 mile commemorative and stop at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, CA. This is where the first leg of LA2DC will end for all cyclists. Marathoners will run three back-to-back marathons and an additional ultra-marathon to complete Leg 1 arriving in Cabazon, CA at mile 113. Each cyclist must arrange for his or her own transportation for a safe return from Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, CA.

A: With the exception of the last leg on May 7th, each day after April 24th will consist of two 110 mile legs; a morning leg and an afternoon leg, for a total of approximately 220 miles each day.

A: With the exception of the last leg on May 7th, each day after April 24th will consist of two 110 mile legs; a morning leg and an afternoon leg, for a total of approximately 220 miles each day.

A: The final leg of the Race for Recognition will consist of approximately 70 miles and will take place on May 7, 2015. Centennial commemoration ceremonies are expected to commence at 7:00 p.m. EST at the National Cathedral. Accordingly, the final leg will commence in Brunswick, MD at approximately 11:00 a.m. EST, and will end in Washington D.C. at or close to the steps of the National Cathedral at approximately 6:00 p.m. Thereafter, the riders will proceed to ride to the Marriott Marquis for a reception.

A: LA2DC will have a limited number (approx. 12) of Felt LA2DC Special Edition full carbon road bikes in various sizes for you to ride, should you choose to travel light. The LA2DC bicycles will NOT be available for the first and last legs of the race. However, the bicycles will be available for all other legs on a first come first served basis. Should you choose to ride an LA2DC Special Edition bicycle, our professional mechanic will fit you on the bicycle before your ride. Riders who choose to ride an LA2DC bicycle must coordinate with the Race Director in order to ensure availability of the bicycle and must bring with them a helmet, your own pedals, cycling shoes and saddle.

Cyclists may also choose to bring along and ride their own bicycles. Properly packing and flying with the bicycle to and from the start and finish points of the participant’s leg will be the responsibility of the individual cyclist. LA2DC will provide ground transportation for the cyclist and their bicycle to and from local airports along the route; however, any airline or shipping fees associated with traveling with a bicycle will be the sole responsibility of the individual cyclist.

Finally, a box truck will be leaving Los Angeles on April 24 and travelling across the country with the caravan of riders and support vehicles. Cyclists who plan to ride somewhere between the first and last legs, may transport their bicycle across the country via the box truck free of charge on a first come first served basis. However, should you choose to transport your bicycle via the box truck on April 24, you may claim your bicycle in Washington D.C. on May 7th, or wait until the box truck returns to Los Angeles after the Washington DC event and claim your bicycle the week of May 11th.

A:A road oriented bicycle, equipped to handle the long distances (legs) as shown on the LA2DC website, including multiple gears to be able to ride any terrain. The bike must be in excellent working condition. If riding an LA2DC Special Edition bicycle, please see above.

A helmet to be worn properly at all times, with proper attire such as cycling shoes, solid black cycling shorts and/or bib. Due to possible inclement weather, riders are highly encouraged to have arm and legs warmers, long finger gloves, shoe covers, sunscreen, and glasses.

Commemorative LA2DC cycling jerseys to be worn by all cyclists, will be available for purchase at a cost of $65. Registered cyclists will receive an email and a web link with further information and instructions on how to order the jerseys shortly. Commemorative jerseys will also be available for sale to the general public via the LA2DC website. Check back often or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for information on availability of the jerseys. Commemorative LA2DC convertible cycling jackets (convertible from jacket to vest) will also be available for sale at a cost of $90.

For the safety of the participants, riders are encouraged to have a front headlight and rear red blinkers at all times.

Although mechanical and nutritional support will be provided on the route, all bicycles should be equipped with all the essentials such as 2 water bottles, basic tools in a saddle-bag, spare tubes, and pump or CO2 cartridge.

Riders must carry with them at all times a recognized form of identification and emergency information.

A: Yes. The traveling caravan and support vehicles and staff will have a variety of foods, nutrition, and hydration liquids in follow vehicles for cyclists; as well as at designated locations at every mile after the first four miles for runners. A rolling kitchen travelling with the caravan will also provide daily meals for all riders, staff and volunteers.

A: All cyclists and runners are responsible for purchasing and paying for their own airline tickets and arriving at the start location. For cyclists riding legs 2 through 25, once you have selected which leg or legs of the race you will be riding, you must coordinate your arrival and departure with the Race Director to ensure the availability of ground transportation and prompt pick up from the nearest airport. LA2DC will arrange for ground transportation to and from the designated airport to and from the start and finish points along the route. Before committing to purchasing airline tickets, you must discuss, plan and confirm your travel plans with the Race Director to ensure the availability of transportation and other resources.

A: With the exception of accommodations for the first and last legs of the race, LA2DC will arrange for and provide overnight accommodations for all participants after Leg 2 based on double occupancy. After registering for a specific leg, our Race Director will be in contact with you to make all the necessary arrangements including, lodging and transportation.

A: Yes, however, breaks shall be limited due to time constraints and needs (bathroom, mechanical, team dynamics). In the event of seasonal and unforeseen weather conditions, the Race Director shall instruct and address the entire group as to the next steps.

A: The race will be comprised of multiple support vehicles, including a professional Race Director familiar with cross country rides and marathons, certified bicycle mechanics with spare parts and tools, full time first responders to provide first-aid care, nutrition and hydration during the run/ride, a rolling kitchen to prepare three meals per day after the first leg for all participants, support crew and staff. Runners will also be provided light snacks prior to the race, liquids during the race every mile after the fourth mile, Vaseline for chafing, snacks at completion and blankets at the 26.2 mile mark for warmth.

In addition, a camera crew will be documenting the entire journey which will later be made into a documentary.

A: All participants must be physically and mentally healthy and conditioned to run or ride long distances. Cyclists should have base miles over the year to sustain and be able to keep up not only with whom they ride with, but to finish the legs they have signed up for in a timely manner. Recommended training miles include, 2-3 centuries in the past year, and/or approx.75-100 miles a week with variations in routes (climbing, intervals, group rides, etc…). While we will provide support during the ride, cyclists should feel comfortable maintaining an average speed of 15-18 mph. Cyclists must maintain the pace of the group. A fast rider will be asked to slow and maintain a reasonable pace with the remainder of the group. Similarly for the safety of all riders, a rider who is not able to keep up with the group may be asked by the Race Director, at her sole discretion, to abandon the race so that the rider is not stretching the caravan of support resources.

A: Families are welcome to join prior to and after the ride or run is finished, and it will be the responsibility of the cyclist or runner to pay for and arrange accommodations and transportation for family members. Families are prohibited from traveling in private vehicles along with the caravan. This creates hazardous conditions for the cyclists as well as other members of the support crew. If your family is accompanying you they will be instructed by the Race Director on locations where they can observe the ride, and where they can meet the participants at the end of a leg.

A: Unfortunately due to limited space, you must be registered, confirmed and committed to the leg(s) for support; any additional non-committed legs will be at your own expense.

A: With the exception of the first and last legs, morning legs will commence between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m. Afternoon legs will commence immediately after the morning riders finish, at approximately 12:00 p.m. and/or at the discretion of the Race Director.

A: It will be at the discretion of the Race Director if a ride will commence, or continue in the event of inclement weather. Due to the tight travel schedule, we will be unable to execute a rain day delay. We will do our best to make sure every leg is ridden as planned, but if the conditions are unsafe it is possible the start may be moved further on the course to an area with better weather.

A: No. No headsets will be allowed while running or riding.

A: Participation in endurance cycling or running events, including the LA2DC event, is inherently dangerous and comes with certain risks. Accordingly, all participants, including cyclists, runners, and volunteers will be required to register, athletes will receive a registration packet including a participant number, and all participants including volunteers will be required to complete and sign a Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement prior to participation. Completed and signed registration forms and waivers can be emailed to sabra@la2dc.org or mailed to LA2DC, c/o Armenia Fund, Inc., 111 N. Jackson St., #205, Glendale, CA 91206.

A: Please see the sizing chart below for athlete jerseys and jackets. This merchandise will be for sale to the public soon as well!

A: You may contact LA2DC’s Race Director, Sabra Nagel via email at sabra@la2dc.org.

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